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Changes after kids I had no idea about.

May 10, 2016

    I have been at this parenting gig for a few years now. Actually, eleven of them. Last night as I lay, completely wide awake at 2am, listening to that fucking intense wind outside I was cursing my caveman brain. And not caveman in the paleo diet sense, but that I couldn’t sleep because […]

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So they grow.

September 18, 2014

We all know the big milestones. Baby’s first word, Baby’s first steps, when they toilet train or sleep through the night. But we reached a pretty massive milestone recently that doesn’t seem to rate a mention.   Harper can plug herself into her carseat. All I have to do now is open the door and […]

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You know your part of a hippy-la-la circle of friends when…

August 5, 2014

    My pregnant belly cast painted by my friends  -“What are you going to do with your child’s placenta after they are born?” is a question that is as common as “when are you due?”. Eat it, bury it or get it made in to medicine are all pretty standard responses and you might […]

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July 22, 2014

  Remember when you have a baby (or before) and you know everything about the stages ahead of you? ME TOO.  I remember once sprouting some garbage out of my inexperienced mouth about how the term “tween” was simply created by corporations to make you buy more. I rabbited on about how the ages of […]

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Own it.

July 18, 2014

  In the last 12 months it happened. There wasn’t a magical day or goal that I met but slowly the feeling crept in. I am confident in my ability to raise these kids. And I like how we’re doing it. Do you know what the main factors in this were? It happened when I […]

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Let them be themselves

July 14, 2014

    I’ve talked before about there being lots of ways to be a kid and it’s still true. I also know that adults tend to give other adults more of a break when it comes to likes and dislikes. Often the same adults that would publicly shame a child for not getting on an amusement […]

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We have rules!!

April 24, 2014

  With the extra attention and trolling unschooling has received lately I’m seeing a lot of the old, ill-informed comments. Boring. While we are not hard core Radical Unschoolers we are pretty free-range with how things fly around here. For us it means that we don’t have any arbitrary rules and we don’t work on […]

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Things I learned while camping

October 25, 2013

      We’re back from another homeschool camp. I LOVE these camps for lots of self affirming homeschooly reasons but I always seem to come home with the same sort of epiphanies about life in general. And I usually want to trade in everything for a big caravan and live on the road. Here […]

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