She is not only that

May 16, 2016

      We are going down the diagnostics route again. Different kid, same predicted outcome. Same feelings of exhaustion and like I’m somehow breeching my child’s trust by bringing in a bunch of people who don’t really know her at all. But they do know a lot about autism, specifically in girls. They ask […]

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February 16, 2015

  Last week Harper had her first full ballet class. I say first full class because she tried it a couple of years ago but slipped over on the floor before class started and was so outraged that it happened she declared that dancing was stupid and she no longer wanted anything to do with […]

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What not to say to a literal kid

July 16, 2014

    Harper is many awesome things. She’s also very very literal in what she hears and says. It can make for sometimes tricky conversations and often amusing misunderstandings.   Here are a few things I have discovered get a little lost in translation and that you probably shouldn’t say to a literal child.   […]

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