Let them be themselves

July 14, 2014

    I’ve talked before about there being lots of ways to be a kid and it’s still true. I also know that adults tend to give other adults more of a break when it comes to likes and dislikes. Often the same adults that would publicly shame a child for not getting on an amusement […]

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Sovereign Hill Christmas in July- with giveaway! {sponsored}

June 16, 2014

  We were lucky to spend a couple of days at Sovereign Hill last week. I can’t believe we had never been there before! Well Luke had been with school, but we had never taken the kids. To say they had an awesome time is an understatement. And not just because of the boiled lollies […]

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This week we were….

June 15, 2014

  Welcome to my new Sunday series! Everyone likes to have a sticky beak into what’s going on in another family-school or not. I know that I love to see what other people get up to.   So this week we were….   -lucky enough to spend a couple of days at Sovereign Hill (more […]

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Not packing the body hate

June 13, 2014

  I know that I’ve come a long way on my journey to ditch the body hate. I’m pretty far down the path now and, without trying to sound like a wanker, not tying in my weight with my worth has been life changing. One of my favorite bits is how it’s changed my experience […]

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How we hand-me-down

June 10, 2014

  You know I love second hand furniture. I also have big love for second hand clothes for the kids. So much so that I have A SYSTEM. The system pleases me almost as much as the clothes do. I would say that almost 80% of Willow and Harper’s wardrobe is handed down to them […]

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June 9, 2014

  A friend of mine doesn’t say homeschooling or home educating or unschooling or natural learning or any of the other terms I mostly hear bandied about the place. She says her family are school-free. And I get why. When you live your life without school it’s different. But maybe not like you think.   […]

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Melbourne Giveaway-Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove

June 6, 2014

      Harper once wore three Buzz Lightyear tee shirts in rotation for almost an entire year. It started with the pjs, and when it became clear the best way to wash said pjs was to have an almost identical shirt I went out and bought one. When I needed a way to wash […]

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Our favorite epic car songs.

June 5, 2014

  My kids talk. A LOT. I know that many people like to talk of the warm fuzzies they get from having deep discussions with their children in the car, but my experience is three kids all talking over each other without drawing a breath. And then there are tears because I can’t concentrate on […]

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