We have rules!!

April 24, 2014

  With the extra attention and trolling unschooling has received lately I’m seeing a lot of the old, ill-informed comments. Boring. While we are not hard core Radical Unschoolers we are pretty free-range with how things fly around here. For us it means that we don’t have any arbitrary rules and we don’t work on […]

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Count me back in

April 22, 2014

  Number of days since my last post: 139 And in that time- Number of posts started in my head at bedtime: 100 Number of trips away we’ve had: 2 Number of occasions I’ve dressed my daughters in matching outfits: sadly, only one   Number of crises of self doubt over unschooling and reading: several […]

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Christmas shopping commandments

December 4, 2013

    It is officially December which means it’s time for the shops to get busy, the complaining to begin and people to start behaving badly. Christmas seems to bring out the “self-important asshole” in a lot of the population so, as a former retail worker and current user of shopping centers, I thought I’d […]

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Dear Me,

November 25, 2013

  Dear me, More specifically dear me with newborn Tannah in 2005,   I’m writing you this on the day you will almost give up on breastfeeding.       This is the day you will be at the shops and be feeding Tannah in the parents room and see HER. You will see a […]

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Maybe you weren’t born to ruuuunnnnnn

November 22, 2013

  NOTE- this post is not about bashing people who do run and it’s not about you, you or even you who love to run. This post is about being a non runner an online world with mass saturation about how rad running is. If running is your thing, that’s ace.    I see you […]

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I don’t know.

November 19, 2013

    When people find out that the kids don’t go to school there are often questions. I don’t mind really, I get that mostly people are being curious about something they may not have encountered often. But I usually don’t answer the questions that people want to know because I don’t know myself.   […]

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Chicken wisdom

November 17, 2013

  This adrenal fatigue/thyroid  bullshit is like a rollercoaster. It just goes around and around. Unfortunately (for me) a large part of feeling OK revolves around some pretty intensive self care. Early nights, immaculate diet and some easy exercise.  Which would be ace if I had the energy to do these things. But if I […]

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Tips to be more zen about mess

November 14, 2013

  I let my kids get messy and make mess. A lot. With the exception of glitter (the herpes of craft supplies), I find that most stuff only takes a few minutes to clean up no matter how disastrous the mess might look to begin with. And I find that some good, messy, not hovered […]

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