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nana susie August 17, 2012 at 3:07 pm

I would love my grandson Jai to be the owner of the dump truck as he loves playing in his sandpit his papa made for him at our place, also he love to fill up the back of his old trucks with weeds or mulch when he is helping me in the vegie patch. He is such a joy and pleasure to have….he is the joy in our lives and this truck would bring him pleasure when playing out in nature.
nana susie.


jane Morgan January 22, 2013 at 11:30 am

Hi Shae, I found you this morning through Reservoir Dad on FB and I’ve taken a stroll through your blog. I just have to ask about the unschooling – and please know that this comes from genuine interest as an early childhood teacher and a parent- how do you unschool? Do you have a routine everyday or just go where the moment takes you? Do you follow the basic school curriculum as in reading, writing and maths or does this happen organically? What would happen if your kids wanted to go to school? or later on to university?
Please understand I’m not being one of those nasty trolling types! I really am interested to know why you and your partner chose this for your kids- I honestly won’t be offended if you tell me it’s none of my business but do you have a blog post that you could point me to that delves into this a bit further?
Regards Jane


Shae January 22, 2013 at 11:59 am

Love creating a bit of genuine interest!

This post probably describes it best

For your specific questions
We have a sort of rhythm to the days and weeks-with meet ups and classes etc-but not a set in stone routine. It means we might do reading for example for hours one day and not at all another. We mostly go where the moment takes us but I do “strew” interesting things around the house and make suggestions. Without school etc we find there are lots of hours in the day!

We follow no curriculum at all. It all happens pretty organically-probably like a good pre-school program I imagine! I’m around to help with what the kids need me fr and I introduce interesting stuff and take them cool places. It’s impossible not to go a day without learning something! Children are, by nature, very curious and driven to understand the world around them so I answer lots of questions and get lots of information from different sources. We use the internet, library, other people, books, iPad apps, TV, friends, excursions, travel and classes (I have a child who does piano and a child who does ballet) and so on and so on. I don’t grade or expect my kids to be at an age determined level. I also don’t believe that the state approved body of knowledge that kids are required to learn by rote, be tested on and move on is the best way of learning. Nor do I believe that learning is linear.

If my kids wanted to go to school at this age I’d try to see what they thought what they were missing out on at school and make it happen. Just as most parents wouldn’t pull their child out of school without good reason I wouldn’t simply put my kids in. If they were keen to do HSC through a school (it can be done a tafe as well as universary entry through mature age student routes not needing hsc) I’d be more than happy for them to go. Full time, part time or AYCE program.

It’s not the path for everyone but it really suits our family. We have a busy social life, lots of interests and travel around a bit and I feel school would take up a lot of time and put our family into a box we don’t really fit in. Unschooling is mistakenly seen as being limiting but it’s all about exposure! My kids are free to learn what they want when they want in a way that suits them :)

Hope that was helpful


Jane Morgan January 23, 2013 at 7:51 pm

Thanks Shae, I’m always interested to find out about alternative styles of education- I entirely agree that a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. I admire you for doing what works for your kids and your family.


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