So what is unschooling?

The term “unschooling” was coined by John Holt in the 70’s. It is reference to the soft drink 7up calling itself the “un-cola” as an alternative to Coca Cola. Unschooling as a movement was an alternative to school or school-at-home.

It is simply learning from life and following the lead and interests of your child. The underlining principal is that humans are born learners and learn best with the freedom to be self motivated and learn what, when and how they choose. Human beings are driven to acquire knowledge-children are constantly asking “why?” and “show me how”. It is not through rigorous lessons and testing but through observation, interaction and the need to be a part of the community that children learn how to talk. Learning about the world around them and how things work within it are no different. It is through school that learning by rote of a pre determined body of knowledge at set ages is introduced. This does not take into account the individual needs, interests and learning style of the child.

Joyce Fetteroll says “The goals of unschooling are different than those of school or academic-leaning forms of homeschooling.
Our goal is for our children to be happy and pursue what they enjoy. Most people have that goal too, but they believe children need prepared to do what they enjoy. Unschoolers know that people will do what they need to do to do what they enjoy when given the freedom to do it.”

We have rules!!

April 24, 2014

  With the extra attention and trolling unschooling has received lately I’m seeing a lot of the old, ill-informed comments. Boring. While we are not hard core Radical Unschoolers we are pretty free-range with how things fly around here. For us it means that we don’t have any arbitrary rules and we don’t work on […]

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I don’t know.

November 19, 2013

    When people find out that the kids don’t go to school there are often questions. I don’t mind really, I get that mostly people are being curious about something they may not have encountered often. But I usually don’t answer the questions that people want to know because I don’t know myself.   […]

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R.I.P lofty ideals

November 13, 2013

    Are you like me? Did you once upon a time have many lofty ideals about all of the things you would never buy/feed/read/watch with your kids? I was so cute and eager. So wholesome. As the years (and children) wore me down I changed my tune. Partly through my own changed ideas on […]

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Free-range homeschool projects

October 28, 2013

      Don’t you love a bit of synchronicity? Tannah has been talking about making a “bird book” for a little while. What she wanted was one of those lockable diaries that she could fill with bird drawings, some writing and other random stuff that would be glued in. I got her a book […]

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Things I learned while camping

October 25, 2013

      We’re back from another homeschool camp. I LOVE these camps for lots of self affirming homeschooly reasons but I always seem to come home with the same sort of epiphanies about life in general. And I usually want to trade in everything for a big caravan and live on the road. Here […]

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A week of time in

October 16, 2013

I’m mostly packed and ready for tomorrow when we’ll be off on a camp with other homeschoolers. Trusty old Beverly the caravan is going to be home for 5 nights and we’ve got some plans as to what else we’re going to do while we’re there. And this time we’re trying something new. No technology […]

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The best toys

October 15, 2013

  Talk at our place is turning to christmas lists. The kids are giving me ideas of the stuff they would like and I’m giving them more realistic ideas of the stuff we can afford-so the three 64GB iPads they are after are probably not a realistic option at this point but the gift cards […]

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Lots of ways to be a kid

October 14, 2013

          Remember when you had a baby and there was only one was to have a “good” one? A baby who was quiet, slept lots, happy to go to anyone and didn’t disrupt your old life much was what you were supposed to have. And then you had an actual baby […]

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