House and Home

Sort the sport stuff

February 17, 2015

    While we have chosen homeschooling instead of school, we still do a fair few activities. A lot of them are sport. During the year any one or more of my kiddos is involved in ballet, jazz, tap. netball, auskick and swimming.   It’s a lot of shoes and uniforms. And towels.   The […]

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My favorite time of year

September 24, 2014

  It’s no secret that I miss living where I grew up, where my family is. If things were different I’d live there if I could. There are a million reasons, but a big one is the weather. I’m not good in the cold and I hate the short days of winter here in Victoria. […]

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How we hand-me-down

June 10, 2014

  You know I love second hand furniture. I also have big love for second hand clothes for the kids. So much so that I have A SYSTEM. The system pleases me almost as much as the clothes do. I would say that almost 80% of Willow and Harper’s wardrobe is handed down to them […]

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Best Finds

May 7, 2014

  Last week I showed you the recycled furniture we have in the kids rooms. It’s no secret that both Luke and I love a bargain and get right in to finding the right item for the right price. And free is always the very best price, right? Check these out.     Technically this […]

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Things I learned while camping

October 25, 2013

      We’re back from another homeschool camp. I LOVE these camps for lots of self affirming homeschooly reasons but I always seem to come home with the same sort of epiphanies about life in general. And I usually want to trade in everything for a big caravan and live on the road. Here […]

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The best toys

October 15, 2013

  Talk at our place is turning to christmas lists. The kids are giving me ideas of the stuff they would like and I’m giving them more realistic ideas of the stuff we can afford-so the three 64GB iPads they are after are probably not a realistic option at this point but the gift cards […]

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Little victories

July 22, 2013

  Do you have a mental list of little victories? Some random stuff that always makes you feel like you’re winning? Here are some things that please me greatly. Right or wrong.       Home made playdough. Nothing makes me feel like a great mum than not only having all the ingredients on hand […]

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These Autumn days I am

May 6, 2013

  Do you read Foxs Lane? Not only do I love this blog I also stalk Kate at the farmer’s market for apples and beetroot. I saw her post last week called “These Autumn Days I am” and loved it so much I asked if I could do my own. She said yes so here […]

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