Backyard Farming

My favorite time of year

September 24, 2014

  It’s no secret that I miss living where I grew up, where my family is. If things were different I’d live there if I could. There are a million reasons, but a big one is the weather. I’m not good in the cold and I hate the short days of winter here in Victoria. […]

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Chicken wisdom

November 17, 2013

  This adrenal fatigue/thyroid  bullshit is like a rollercoaster. It just goes around and around. Unfortunately (for me) a large part of feeling OK revolves around some pretty intensive self care. Early nights, immaculate diet and some easy exercise.  Which would be ace if I had the energy to do these things. But if I […]

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My favorite and best

February 25, 2013

    Hi. So you’re here, welcome. Maybe you’re new here or maybe you’re an old time reader.  Have a look around. Get comfy. Why not check out some of my favorite and best posts? Maybe you want to know a bit about  Unschooling/Natural learning? Try Unschooling 101 Not Back to School Am I an […]

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Positive action

January 17, 2013

    We had green grass a couple of weeks ago. It’s been so damn hot here that the grass has burned away. I stepped outside before to water my seedlings and check on the animals. I could hear the whirring of the air conditioners in the surrounding houses and smell the hose water from gardens close […]

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How does YOUR garden grow? A Fresh legacy

June 19, 2012

While my own veggie garden is under (slow) construction I thought I’d share some other blogger’s little patches edible backyards. Mainly because I like to sticky beak. Today I’m kicking it off with Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy. Not only is she lovely in person and online but she bakes yummy stuff and loves her […]

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Meet the new girls

May 29, 2012

I have been itching to get some new chickens since we moved in. No backyard is happy without a flock in my opinion. Luke had a 3 day weekend and I got a little bonus in the bank (thank-you carbon tax bribe money) so the time was right!.   Remember the area we had set […]

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Our new edible backyard-the plans!

May 6, 2012

We had a tiny backyard at our last home but we managed to grow a lot of food and I surprised myself with how much I loved being in the garden. When we were looking for our new home the size and possibility of the new yard for both food and room for kids to play […]

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Making the best out of a tiny backyard

March 10, 2012

We have a tiny backyard. Really tiny. It’s probably more of a courtyard really. I used to whinge about it. But now we have made it quite functional. Veggies, a trampoline, a sandpit and even chooks! We have maximized the space by building retaining walls all the way around the fences and planting the veggies […]

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