About the blog

Welcome to my blog! It’s about a lot of things. It’s mostly about our journey as a free-range unschooling family. There are posts about learning without school and following your kids passions as well as playing and creating and traveling with kids. We grow  food in our backyard and there are posts about that as well as the hows and whys of eating real, old fashioned food.  I’m a crunchy, connected parent and there are posts about co-sleeping, respecting my kids and not using punishment or rewards. I believe that a person’s weight has nothing to do with their beauty or character and there are posts about size acceptance.

But mostly this blog is my little corner of the internet to show you our life. A real and candid account of a family that lives outside the mainstream. I’m not perfect and  I get up on my soapbox from time to time and I don’t gloss over the tricky bits but I love this amazing, unhindered life that we have, and I’d love to share it with you….


About us


That’s me! Lover of crazy hair, earl grey tea and Stephen King. Good swimmer and intuitive cook. Endless talker, karaoke tragic and the first one on the dance floor. Lover of road trips and iPhone devotee. Feminist. Fatty. Hippy-lala. Homebirther. Smart arse.  Extroverted,  emotional, affectionate and adventurous among other things.




Firstborn. Big blue eyes and a heart of gold. Lover of nature documentaries, Bindi Irwin and pop music.  Will draw unicorns, pegasus and horses for hours on end. Player of the piano and rider of a scooter. Best friend to many. Cautious, affectionate, sensitive and creative amongst other things.




Second born. Sparkly green eyes and a killer sense of humor. Lover of Barbie movies, dancing and fairies . Intolerant of gluten, preservatives or colours. Loves to dress up and play pretend. Keeper of the peace. Charismatic, fair, kind and clever amonst other things.




The baby. The H-bomb. Big hazel eyes and a huge personality. Loves Buzz Lightyear, playing outside and food. Will happily play with lego for ages and talks almost non stop. Has understanding beyond her years. Needs things to be predictable. Intense, fun, adventurous and wild among other things.





Husband. Lover of Star wars. Collector of collectables, eater of everyones leftovers, hardworking tradie and home handyman. Superpower of being able to sleep anywhere through any noise. Great dad.  Funny,organized, patient and loving among other things.  My rock.





We live in the suburbs in Melbourne’s outskirts with Daisy the dog and the 3 guinea pigs-Strawberry, Kiwifruit and Watermelon.

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