Missing out

by Shae on March 25, 2015


Every so often I fall for it. That we are not doing enough. That the cult of busy is where we should be.

There are a billion possible activities that the kiddos could be doing, and we have the time, so why not make our lives super busy for the sake of looking like a “good” Mum? That home education can be about MORE rather than being seen to do less.

So we signed up for all of the things the kids wanted to do and tried to squeeze in some set bookwork time. We went on all the camps we could, all the meet ups, all the play dates. We have spent this term running around and now I see what we are really missing out on.


Free time.




The kids will miss out. Everybody’s kids do.

There is no possible way a child can have a go at everything. And why do we place such value on structure and activities busy over the creativity and interests and learning that stem from boredom?




We chatted as a family and it turned out the kiddos were not enjoying themselves either, so I gave them the option to quit whatever they wanted.

There was much relief and more discussion and we have pretty muched halved our weekly organized activities.

So they are now missing out on those. And that is perfectly fine with me.




Because now there is more space for play. More space for down time. More space to create. More space to follow their lead.

It feels like we’ve gained a lot more than the busy we are apparently missing out on.

They have all started a new project book, we have been baking, reading, making plans for excursions that won’t feel rushed, gardening, playing, and just having time.




It feels like so much more than being locked into a life of busy. We are choosing to take time.

It doesn’t feel like we are actually missing out on a thing.




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Kate Lloyd March 25, 2015 at 2:43 pm

My mum recently said to my sister, who was organising school holiday programs for my niece and nephew, ‘what ever happened to just not doing anything?’. It’s true. We can get so caught up in the need to keep busy and have kids doing something all the time. Really liked reading this thanks Shae.


Shae March 25, 2015 at 10:09 pm

Thanks! It’s exhausting for us parents too..


Jo @Countrylifeexperiment March 25, 2015 at 4:06 pm

Totally agree – the cult of busy has us believing that our kids need to be busy too. We deliberately do very few extra curricular activities – just piano lessons, and swim club during summer. The kids are at school 6 hours each day and they need the down time to recharge!


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