Just don’t

by Shae on March 12, 2015


It seems I’ve been visited by the “everybody make uninformed comments” fairy so I just need to get some stuff off my chest. OK? Thanks.



JUST DON’T say that “Harper seems fine!” or her diagnosis is wrong. Even if you know us a little bit. You are not her pediatrician and you have no fucking idea of what goes on to help her manage a regular day.

JUST DON’T ask my kids if they wouldn’t rather go to school. Seriously, can people stop doing this already. Unless you want me to ask your child if they wouldn’t rather skip school.

JUST DON’T ask my kids to prove what they know. DO NOT give them maths equations to do in their head or ask them to read a sign. Unless you enjoy unbridled rudeness from their Mother.

JUST DON’T say another word about a girl with short hair. FFS I cannot believe in 2015 we still get comments about this. STOP.

JUST DON’T make any comments that infer that having three daughters and no sons is somehow a failing. That every family must have at least one of each sex to be whole and right. Fuck that noise.


Now I’ve gotten that off my chest let’s all have a biscuit.




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Deb @ Bright and Precious March 12, 2015 at 9:37 am

The world continues to surprise me with people who are totally uninformed and insensitive. Much love to you, Shae. x


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