My first year of busy

by Shae on February 4, 2015


I know I bang on about how much extra time we have as homeschoolers, and it’s true. But this year, for our family, it’s also our first year of lots of commitments.


My kids (particular;y my big 2) love organized activities. LOVE THEM. Tannah would have me take her to 2 things a day if it was affordable and something her mother was going to driver her to. I have resisted saying yes to loads of structured activities based on the ages of my kids, the wage of the household, and the “mum doesn’t want to drive you to all those things” factor.


But I can resist no more.


This year sees Willow doing two and a half hours of dancing a week, drama, Auskick and maybe yoga.

Tannah is doing jazz, drama, Auskick and netball.

Harper is doing ballet, jazz and swimming.

We also do one whole day, home ed park meet a week with the option of attending another when we are not too tired.

My mother in law has the kids for most of the day once a week.


This seems like a whole lot of hours we are not at home.


So let’s talk about our home hours.

My three are quite taken with project based homeschooling style. Harper’s current obsession with all things space continues and she feels like she’s old enough to keep her own project book now. Tannah is still interested in Japanese culture and manga drawing while Willow has switched her focus to big cats. We are all loving Horrible Histories so much that we are going to make a giant timeline to leave on the wall and add to it when an event sparks our interest.

Tannah is also determined to be able to write more efficiently so she has asked me to give her plenty of practice. And Willow wants to learn times tables. This is all not including spending time reading together and playing sims and minecraft apart.

But when will we go on day trips, camps and excursions? What about just chilling at home?

I’m going to need to be on my toes and have some sort of system so that we don’t end up eating toast for dinner every night. I will schedule in down time as a priority.  And perhaps keep a calendar, like actually write things on it. Or we could all end up like this.




This is not a drill.

Ready, set…..GO.




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Super Sarah February 4, 2015 at 1:26 pm

I love the idea of a timeline on the wall, this is definitely something we could do to help us keep in touch with my family overseas, a visual representation of our history, world history etc. Thanks!


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