This week we were….

by Shae on June 15, 2014


Welcome to my new Sunday series! Everyone likes to have a sticky beak into what’s going on in another family-school or not. I know that I love to see what other people get up to.


So this week we were….

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-lucky enough to spend a couple of days at Sovereign Hill (more about that tomorrow-with a giveaway!) so we’ve been talking a lot about the Australian gold rush. The kids loved playing  this game that we found while on the Google trail.

-watching Masterchef. Oh how we adore Masterchef. I could talk it up by saying it has definitely increased my kid’s awareness of other food beyond their Anglo heritage, because it has. But we just like it for pure enjoyment, and that’s OK too.

-reading lots. I’m past the halfway mark in reading The Hobbit aloud. It’s LONG yo. Tannah seems to have broken through a big reading level (which is because I posted this, no doubt) so she is having a dig at lots of books on her own. The EJ beginner reading series and Billie B Brown is perfect. I read The Handmaid’s tale and Mr Mercedes. Both were excellent.

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-deepening friendships. The “tweens” in our regular home ed group are just starting to break away from the smaller kids and do their own thing. I’ve noticed a shift from both sides. The bigger kids not getting involved in the littlies play as much has seen the younger kids play and pecking order change too. Watching the natural progression of it all unfold is a beautiful thing.

-throwing tantrums. Mostly me. Not my best parenting week. Low spoons, PMS and a trip away made Jack a dull boy. Moving on.

-wagging ballet and Auskick last week. See above. The kids didn’t mind, we’re prone to taking a week off here and there.

-playing minecraft. Tannah was handed down a desk for her room so that when she skypes and mincrafts (not words, I know) her friends for hours we don’t annoy each other. She has loved a bit of space and I’m enjoying not hearing “agh! There’s a creeper!” every 5 seconds. So a fair few hours have gone into playing online this week. (before people give me the OMG not in her room! know she plays in a private server with one or two of her closest friends and when she plays alone the wifi is off)

photo (15)


-loving Harry Potter. Watching the movies and listening to the audiobooks (read by Jim Dale) from the beginning.

-dancing to Chandelier by Sia. Willow wants to copy the dance from this amazing film clip.




So what have you been doing this week?



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Mandy June 16, 2014 at 12:03 pm

Oh have fun in Queensland. Hope the sun is shining for you.


bek June 16, 2014 at 12:14 pm

My kids have machines in their rooms (tablets and laptops). I crash in randomly to see what they’re doing and they have to show me and keep me up to date on what’s going on, otherwise they lose it. I’m a horrible parent :)

Have fun in Queensland, going home is always the best 😀


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