Slowing down

by Shae on April 28, 2014


It’s easy to be busy. There is always something going on.

A new class to try, a new group to check out, all the regular things we love.

And when we say yes to something it’s mostly a success so we were starting to feel like we would be missing out unless we said yes to everything.

Until late last term when I had a lightbulb moment. I saw that we WERE missing out.

We were missing out on down time, free days and empty pockets of time for spontaneous adventures.

We need that time. Lots of hours to really sink your teeth into a topic or create a new house on minecraft. Many hours of unstructured and mostly unsupervised play. Hot lunches at home. Time out. Time in.

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So we all sat down and talked about it. We wrote down a weekly plan. And the next day I rang and emailed a few commitments and opted out. Decluttered our life.

The day after that the sun was shining and we found ourselves with a totally free day. The kids were excited with the possibilities.

So we caught the train into the city and spent the day in the botanic gardens, just hanging out. Enjoying the warmth of the sun, knowing, that winter is just around the corner.


We’re slowing down and turning inward for the colder months. Filling our days with nothing much.

Which leaves plenty of opportunity for everything.



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