I don’t know.

by Shae on November 19, 2013




When people find out that the kids don’t go to school there are often questions. I don’t mind really, I get that mostly people are being curious about something they may not have encountered often. But I usually don’t answer the questions that people want to know because I don’t know myself.


I don’t know what we are going to do for high school or beyond.

And I’m not worried about that a bit.


I am not going to spend time now hypothesizing about what they may or may not want to do in 5 or so years. ย I have no interest making guesses about where they may choose to focus their pursuits in the future.

I truly don’t know, and that makes it easier to home educate today.


When we first decided that we were not going to send Tannah to prep we didn’t know how it would go. We decided to give it a couple of years and reassess. I feel that if we had started worrying about what she was going to do when she was 8 or 12 or 16 we would have been frightened out of seeing what we wanted to do right then.

Now I’m sure to many this may seem foolish, that I am selling my child short by not thinking about university options when they are 6.

The truth is that no one knows what their child is going to want to do or be focused on or what help they may need in 10 years time. The high school that is chosen with care before their child can read may be completely inappropriate for any number of reasons by the time they are old enough to go. The focus on attending university when a child starts high school may ignore talents and interests that may benefit from trade school or travel or entering the workforce. Or taking a few years off.

And of course we made sure that there were many options available before deciding on the school-free (for now) route. They may well want to attend a local high school, or go to tafe, or do their school certificate with a view to attending uni, or do a bridging course to get them into the degree of their choosing, or do a trade, or be a dancer or whatever. I don’t know. ย But I do know that all of these options and more are available.

Home educating is not a thing that needs to be set in stone forever.


So if you are the parent who is thinking of skipping school to educate at home for whatever reason know that you can do that for as long as it suits everyone. ย That might only be a year, or it might be forever.

It’s OK not to know.




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Kathryn November 19, 2013 at 11:19 am

Hi Shae,
You are so right. Gregory (19) was a science nerd – think overflowing lava and flames in the kitchen – until he was about 12. He has just finished a BA in English and History! And hoping to do Honours in the same subjects next year.
Daniel (16) didn’t pick up a pencil/paintbrush until he was 5, he now does art and pottery classes and has completed a first year Uni (Open Uni Aust) subject in Photography and almost completed a Cert III in Digital Media, and we are off to check out the local TAFE today for their Diploma of Visual Arts.
Eeek, I may not be a homeschooling Mum next year!!
Cheers Kathryn (from Bendigo)


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