by Shae on February 8, 2013




It’s been brewing for a few days. There has been a lot of jumping & twitching. Her temper has been short. Her volume switch has been set to LOUD.Tears have been shed over the colour of a cup or the wrong fork.


Then tonight the damn burst and there was screaming and sobbing and spitting over pajama pants.

Of course it’s not really about the pants.

Maybe being back at swimming classes was super stimulating. Maybe she has picked up on the drama of my own week. Maybe it was the fact that she outgrew her old clothes so we replaced them with Willow’s hand-me-downs (my money is on this).  Maybe it’s simply because it’s hot.

I’ve watched her anxiety rise over a few days and all the little things suddenly become huge. I’ve heard her singing the same few lines from a song off the radio over and over. I notice her trying to micro manage parts of her life to regain some control.


And I wait for the pressure to rise enough for it to bubble over. Which of course it does. I sit with her while she wails over a pair of pants that are simply a crap fit.  I can’t fix it.  The meltdown runs it course, it ends, it’s late, she sleeps.


I’m left hoping that the pressure valve has been released a little & that she sleeps soundly.

And I  hope her skies are a little sunnier in the morning


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