by Shae on February 5, 2013

This time next week my Mum will be here! I can’t wait!

My Mum and I have had our fair share of mother-daughter issues and arguments and tears but we have come through the other side closer than ever.

I admire so many things about my Mum. She is generous and honest and I have always known her love for me was unconditional.

But my favorite thing about Mum is probably her sense of humor. It’s not for everyone, but she makes me laugh. Like the time she whispered the most inappropriate sentence in my ear while we were watching “The Exorcist” at a theater and I laughed so hard we were almost asked to leave.


With that, let me tell you the story of my “Hypochondria”.

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As a child I was a bit of a sook when it came to illness and injury. Truth is I’m STILL that way really. After years of me thinking the world would end because I had a splinter or that I needed to lie in bed all day and moan because I had a runny nose my Mum’s patience was wearing thin.

One time I was complaining of feeling unwell and Mum said that my hypochondria must have been flaring up.

My ears pricked up. Oooooh! I have a legit illness!

I was allowed the day off school and when we were at the shops Mum bumped into a friend who asked why I was home from school. I couldn’t wait to tell them about my fancy illness- “hypochondria”.

I thought that hypochondria was a fancy name for some cold that I had. Something that sounded very rare and exotic and worthy of sympathy from everyone.


For years every time I had a cold I was milking I called it hypochondria.

Mum never corrected me.

And I wondered why Mum would say

“go on then, tell Mr Smith what you have”

I would proudly say

“I’m a hypochondriac”

And I would be baffled as to why this drew smiles.


I found out what hypochondria truly was in my TEENS. I was mortified.

And pissed off about it for a bit.


But not for long enough to not see the funny side.


I mean, it IS funny.



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