5 Simple Ways- Christmas

by Shae on December 17, 2012


Sometimes it can be hard to feel that the little changes can make a difference-but they do. It can be easy to be put off the little things because some would have us believe that the only way to say that you are helping the environment is if you wear only clothes upcycled from op shops, make every single item of food from scratch bought at the farm next door, ride a bike everywhere and shower once a week. If these things float your boat then go for it. If not then know that every little choice you make can make a difference and every positive action, no matter how small, is worth it.


There seems to be a false assumption that you are either in camp BUY ALL THE THINGS  or camp joyless asshole at christmas.

Not true.

There are many simple ways to keep the fun in christmas without it making your eco footprint huge.



-Don’t buy landfill. By all means buy presents for your loved ones-I do! But don’t feel that every person that you encounter at this time of year needs to be gifted something or that it all has to be crap they don’t really want or need. If you feel like you can’t opt out of a kris kringle or that you might offend people by not getting them a gift try giving an experience such as movie tickets, something they can eat or drink or maybe donate to a charity on their behalf. With adults have a conversation about whether everyone really needs a gift from every other person. I can’t recommend this article enough


-Look for ethically raised meat. I know it costs more but consider portion size on the day-we don’t have to eat until we feel unwell just because it’s christmas.


-Encourage your kids to be a part of donating. Instead of buying my kid’s teachers a gift (I know they don’t do school, I mean swimming teachers etc) I give my kids $20 each to donate to the charity of their choice.  They make a card for the teacher, I write a few words of thanks and I let them know where their student has sent the money off to. You could donate time together if money was tight or at least choose a present together to put under the wishing tree.


-Recycle! Recycle the wrapping paper, packaging, cards etc. Buy cards and other paper items made with recycled paper. Separate the rubbish, even in the business of christmas morning-it’ll only take a couple of minutes.


-Skip the big chain stupidmarket type stores for gifts where possible. I didn’t do this 100% but most of the presents I bought this year came from some ace online retailers like Spiral Garden, Dragonfly Toys, Bunyip Toys and Eco Toys. I also got some yummy delights from the Farmers Market. It may even be more fun that dealing with masses of  cranky shoppers at christmas!


Hope everyone has an awesome christmas!


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