by Shae on December 16, 2012

Tannah is seven.

Today I watched her unwrap presents, play with her sisters, practice the piano and bounce on the trampoline. She wept big, angry tears over an argument with her youngest sister.  She had us both laughing over her funny faces when I was trying to take photos.


I’m so enjoying her at this age. Her view of the world and her place in it has broadened. Her mind is even more questioning. Her sense of humor is becoming a bigger part of her personality. As she moves towards her “tween” years I see her starting to express herself in more creative ways. She needs me so much yet she is becoming  more independent.

Yesterday she was skipping around the farmers market, full of joy, wishing everyone a merry christmas and then last night as she was going to bed she told me that she made a wish on a dandelion that “everyone would have a merry christmas and be as happy as we were”. After telling her how beautiful that wish was I had to walk quickly out if the room to cry.

 Seven is such a beautiful age.

And I cannot stop thinking about the seven year olds who lost their lives at Newtown.

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