Pleasantly Surprised

by Shae on December 3, 2012


Willow loves to dance. She dances at the shops, on the trampoline and when we walk the dog. She also does ballet and tap classes at her own request. Willow loves her dance classes and she loves her teacher.


Like most dance schools there is an end of year concert.

It’s one of those things that parents seem to love to hate.


It seems there is plenty to get you offside! There is a lot of time spent at rehearsals, money on costumes/photos/tickets, there are concerns about costumes or make-up being too grown up,  there is the waiting around backstage and the worry about putting big expectations to perform on little shoulders.


I didn’t go willingly into the concert scene. I flat out said no last year. I looked at the make-up and hair requirements and rehersal schedule and I balked. Too hard. Too much. I got on my high horse and declared it all too crazy for us. Like we were somehow too cool or alternative to consider such a thing.


And all this year Willow asked “can I do the concert next time?”

I tried to come up with reasons to keep my daughter from participating in something that she was so keen on being involved in and I came up blank. Save for my pride at having declared myself not “Dance Mom material”.


Yesterday Willow danced in her first end of year concert. She was in three dances  in 2 performances.

There was a lot of waiting around, looking at run sheets and lipstick. There was being shushed backstage, helping other kids as well as my own in and out of costume, counting pony hooves and pinning hairpieces in. I even held a tutu for a little girl (not mine) while she did a poo.

I even shed a sneaky tear when I saw Willow on stage.

Saw her BEAMING on stage.


And I felt like an ass for resisting this so hard.


Willow wanted to be in the concert. She worked really hard to learn the moves and be a part of the group. She went to extra rehersals and had costume and make up trials always beaming and asking when the next one would be. On the day she was so very patient with the waiting and being quiet (more than many of the adults sadly) and she happily sat with the other kids and played iPad in the breaks.

And when it was all over and the last pony hoof and clip in hat was packed away she was proud of herself and pleased that she was involved.

And asking when the next concert was.


I found it impossible not to enjoy myself while helping my child do something that bought her so much joy.


Seems I’m Dance Mom material after all.



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