by Shae on November 27, 2012


I have just finished watching an episode of America In Primetime on SBS about women in television.

One of the directors was talking about how showing these women in their full glory, all their flaws and secrets and unpleasantness, was part of what made people flock to watch.


Because we get it. We relate.


We see these women have moments of hating their lives, their kids, their jobs, their partners. We see them fuck up, do the wrong thing, abuse themselves, hurt people. We see them try and not always succeed.

We see them being less than perfect.


And rather than feel some sort of schadenfreude we breathe a sigh of relief.

We see that nobody’s life is perfect.

And that makes our own imperfections OK.


I had the loveliest evening tonight. Luke and I took the kids to a local pub for dinner and a great time was had by all.  I am truly grateful for our life and the different decisions that we’ve made. I am constantly blown away with how much I enjoy my children and how natural the way I parent feels to me.

But I’ve also had days where I’ve had to go into another room and bite my fist to stop me from screaming because I feel like I’m so trapped by the life we have. I love my kids and husband intensely-but sometimes it’s just so damn HARD. Sometimes I’m tired of being the grown up. Sometimes I wish the kids were at school or daycare or wherever isn’t next to me arguing about whose turn it is on the fucking iPad.


That’s the truth.

But life isn’t 100% good and easy or it’s shit.


There is no such thing as a perfect housewife or working mother or single woman etc etc. The magic “having it all” is not one thing to all people-we’ll all have a different version.

We’re all flawed. We all have struggles


But I kind of think those parts are what makes the good bits great.



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