Real Life Wednesday-Mega week.

by Shae on November 22, 2012

My week looked like this. I can’t even make this stuff up.


MONDAY- Kids to MIL for the morning. While they are out I spend 2 hours on the computer trying to deal with a database role I have & then do housework. Piano and ballet classes in the afternoon.


TUESDAY-kids swimming in the morning. Spend most of the afternoon getting magazines ready to mail out for HEN.


WEDNESDAY-9am-post office to mail magazines, 10:15- maternal child health nurse, 11:30-GP appointment for me, 1pm-more HEN organizing stuff with other people, 5:10-optometrist appointment for me.


THURSDAY-catch on 9:02am train with kids to get on a tram in the city to be in St Kilda by 10:30 to catch up with friend. 1pm home ed group in the best park EVER in the same suburb.Tram then train to home. 5:30 pick up some fertile eggs to put under out broody chook.


FRIDAY-get groceries in the morning. Have mother’s group at my place at 1.


SATURDAY-farmers market day. Blogging do at night.




In real life some weeks just have lots of stuff on. And when most of it is fun stuff you don’t want to say no. In these weeks you just try to make sure everyone has clean undies and there is milk in the fridge. At least one of the dinners on these weeks usually come out of a drive thru window or are home delivered. There will be tears. Maybe from the tired kids or maybe even from yourself. The dog won’t get as many walks as she’s used to. Coffee is an essential.


But next week is just around the corner. And it’s looking far more calm (except for Willow’s ballet concert but I can’t even go there today) and there is even a day with no plans at all and one with only swimming.


I think I’ll fold the mountain of washing on the couch then.


I’m joining in with Picklebums for Real Life Wednesday (on Thursday because of mega week lol).

What sort of real life bizzo is happening at your place?


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Caroline November 22, 2012 at 10:06 pm

Hope bra-off Sunday comes round quickly xxx


Lisa wood November 22, 2012 at 10:17 pm

I actually like busy weeks – they seem to be more productive and that way I enjoy Sunday even more :)
And yeah there seems to be tears sometimes!
But an early night will fix that – at least it does for me!


Claireyhewitt November 23, 2012 at 12:18 pm

Cleqn undies and milk in the fridge is my safety net too. I generally throw in a loaf of bread too.


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