Swear words in the car

by Shae on November 16, 2012

 My kids love popular music. LOVE it. Pink, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, One Direction, Jessie J and so on and so on. We listen to it in the car. They listen to it in the DS or iPad. They sing along at the shops. They sing LOUDLY in the car.

Some of the songs have swearing in them. I’m OK with that. I swear and don’t have a  problem with hearing swear words in music.

I know that swearing is offensive for many and not something I should really encourage the kiddos to do.

So we made a deal.

Singing along in the car is OK. Swear words and all. But that was it.

Pink is one of the kiddos fave artists & I enjoy her stuff too. She is also the worst offender in our collection when it comes to dropping the F-bomb.

It kind of made me laugh when I’d hear singing from the back seat that went

“mumblemumblemumble hop into my showAH mumblemumblemumble one FUCKEN OW-AH”

Everyone was happy. The kids were singing along with the music they love and I wasn’t dealing with the kids asking for “a fuckin babycino” at the shops. Swearing in the car. To songs. And only if they are the lyrics.

Then it was my father-in Law’s 60th birthday. There was a karaoke machine. You can see where this is heading right?

All of FILs golf buddies and friends. CONSERVATIVE friends.

My angelic then 6year old Tannah was all dressed up. Fancy dress and pigtails.

Pink’s “Funhouse” came on the karaoke machine.

Tannah took the mike. Singing and performing and there was a bit of oohing and how cuteing at her.

I was across the room when my mind jumped ahead to the next line.

“burn this fucker down”.

I turned and started to move in slow motion.


Running. Shaking my head at her.


Mouthing the word NOOOO

‘FUCKER DOWN” so much emphasis on the word fucker that I can’t even.

Then I snatched the mic out of her hands.

Tannah went “whoops! Not in the car!” smiling.

I turned around and gave a shrug and a smile to the people who noticed. Reaffirming  my title as “Worst Mother of the year” in the eyes of the conservative, old school set.

Then Tannah and I laughed. Because it IS funny.

It was much later that Luke laughed.

Now I’m worried that when they get iPods I’ll be walking next to the kid singing along to the swear words at the supermarket.

Shrug and smile peeps, shrug and smile.

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