Alcohol, it’s time we saw other people for a while

by Shae on July 11, 2012

Me, Kristy and Kate inside the Kleenex Mums photobooth at Digital Parents Conference this year. Clearly post 1000 wines.


Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I like a drink. Especially ones of the alcoholic variety. I’m more of a “10 beers on a Saturday” than a sensible “glass of wine with dinner” gal too. If you’ve ever been to a blogging event with me you’ve no doubt seen me hog karaoke, dance on a table, hug EVERYONE and maybe, if you’re there late enough, flash my boobs.

Before I had kids I spent most weekends on a drinking binge from Friday to Sunday. Sometimes even from Thursday to Tuesday if the public holidays and pay packets were in the bottle shop’s favour. Then I spent 8 years being pregnant and/or breastfeeding and I gave the booze a rest. Since Harper has weaned I have rekindled my love affair with all things alcohol. But now I’m just not feeling that love any more.


During my 3 term pregnancies I got reflux. Proper, acid in your mouth, can’t lie down, need the hardcore drugs reflux. It was unpleasant to say the very least. My family history pretty much guaranteed that I would have some issue like this, my Mum’s reflux has  been so bad over the years that she now has an “eroded oesophagus”.

After Harper was born I waited for the reflux to go away like it had after her sister’s births. And waited. And waited. No bingo.

While it has not been as severe as it was during pregnancy it certainly has been cramping my style. Certain foods and drinks set it off and I’m having to pass up yummy stuff. But anyone want to guess what is the worst thing?

Alcohol. Yep ‘fraid so.

A night on the booze now ends in me sleeping upright and normally puking if the wine was red-even if it’s only a few glasses rather than a few bottles. And there seems like such a simple solution.

Alcohol = reflux, reflux = FML,  solution = stop drinking alcohol.

So why does it make me feel anxious to say that I’m going to give it a rest while my gut heals?


I’m equally as fun and loud and silly when I’m sober. Ask anyone who knows me. I’ll even sing karaoke and dance sober. And as an added bonus my boobs (mostly) stay in my top and I don’t look as shiny and have one eye closed in photos. And you will all be spared my Saturday night instagram/twitter carry on.

It’s sounding like win.


But still it niggles. Can I do this? It seems like a ridiculous question. After all, bananas give me THE WORST reflux known to man so I just stopped eating them. No soul searching required. I read this and it makes me downright uncomfortable. Too many parallels.

I think of all of the upcoming events and how I won’t be drunk at them. I don’t like the niggling feeling in my gut that I will “need” a drink there.

Seems like all the more reason to take a holiday from booze.


Alcohol, it’s been fun, but we are officially on a break. Starting now. Until the new year (gosh I feel sick writing that. CHRISTMAS Y’ALL). I’m going to get my gut back in order and drinking you doesn’t serve that.

I promise to be just as hilarious and inappropriate sans booze. I may even be more so! And I look forward to everyone’s request to drive them home….









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