Snack Station

by Shae on July 3, 2012

One of the few things that drive me nuts about having the kids around most of the time is the constant requests for food. I’ve tried having a shelf in the pantry and fridge with help yourself snacks but it wasn’t working and I needed to find a solution.


I wanted the kiddos to have access to food when they were hungry and have a selection of things to choose from that was easy to see. I had been making “picky platters” or “monkey platters” but I was finding that I was throwing out food that wasn’t being eaten. Then this post at freeplaylife inspired me.

Keep all of the snack food in clear containers in a place that the kids can see it! I bought some new glass jars and made a permanent spot at kiddo height. I added a fruit bowl and some bowls and containers for the kids to fill themselves.




Things that have been favourites so far-

-nuts. We like almonds, cashews and macadamias-especially the honey roasted ones.

-corn chips

-crackers/rice cakes/crispbread. I help with putting spreads on if they want some on.

-dried fruit/fresh fruit

-home baked sweet stuff like brownie, cookies and jam slice.


I tried putting out things that needed to be kept cold but the heating vent is close by and the foods were not lasting.  I said to Luke that one of those little fridges with a glass door would be ace but there was no way we needed to spend the money. So I was keeping the cold stuff either in the fridge or on top of an ice pack.

The next week we were at my inlaw’s place and my Father-in-law is telling a story of the raffle he won at golf. He says that he won this funny little FRIDGE WITH 2 SHELVES AND A GLASS DOOR and he wasn’t sure what to do with it. I helped him with that and took it off his hands.

So we have a tiny fridge!



Fridge faves so far-


-celery sticks with and without nut butter



-chicken and other cold meat

-hard boiled eggs

-cut up salad veg like lettuce, carrot and cucmber




I also put leftovers in here that they can see and I can help them reheat like soup, sausages or pasta etc.


So our snack station-complete with water bottles- now looks like this-

The tables came from the op shop!


When I go shopping (once a week) I just refill the dry goods and I check the fridge supplies every couple of days and restock it with whatever needs to be chopped up etc from the big fridge.

I still make breakfast, lunch and dinner and when the kids are hungry inbetween they just help themselves! As they have always had access to food as they wanted it there is no gorging just because it’s out. Sometimes all of one thing is eaten in the first few days but that just means that they have to choose something else until I go shopping again next week.

I’m loving that I am not feeling chained to the kitchen and the kids are loving that they can see what is on offer and help themselves. Everyone wins!

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