Easy slow cooker beef

by Shae on May 31, 2012


One of the big food issues in my place at the moment is that everyone likes their veggies in different ways. Willow likes roast potato and sweet potato best, Harper likes raw veggie sticks and “salad” (lettuce leaves) and Tannah loves steamed greens. Nobody likes slow cooker veggies or mash. I KNOW-not cool.

But I LOVE my slow cooker on the day that Willow does ballet because we get home after 6 and we are all cold and hungry. My solution is to do some beef in the slow cooker that we have with bread or rice (and Luke and I have with mash sometimes) and we forget the veggies all together.

What? No veggies with dinner? I look at what we eat over a bigger period, not meal to meal, and I know that my kids eat enough vegetables. We have veggie sticks or home made chips for lunch pretty regularly and I put spinach in our smoothies from time to time. And we all eat enough roast veggies with our weekly roast to make our quota for several days!


Here is how I make the world’s easiest slow cooker beef.

500g of the cheap diced beef, or buy a cheap cut and dice it into cubes. Works just as good with lamb.

2 cups of chicken stock. I always have some of my home made stock in the freezer.

1 jar of organic garlic and basil pasta sauce. You can make your own or buy whichever brand you like. I’m partial to the Aldi one.

1 chopped leek. White part only.


Feel free to brown the meat first-I never do. Add all these ingredients into your slow cooker in the morning and put it onto low.

It will still have a lot of liquid when it’s done at dinner time. I like it if I’m pouring over mash. I get the kid’s meat out with a slotted spoon so the liquid is left in the pot.


There is no reason that you couldn’t add veggies to this. I think some carrot and potato would be delicious.






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Laura May 31, 2012 at 5:19 pm

I love my slow cooker :) The kids will eat some meals I make in it but don’t love it – but I LOVE IT!

It makes the late days so much easier and often I make a huge pot of something and then have 2 meals made with no fuss!


Fiona June 6, 2012 at 11:49 am

I love my slow cooker to bits :)


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