Meet the new girls

by Shae on May 29, 2012

I have been itching to get some new chickens since we moved in. No backyard is happy without a flock in my opinion. Luke had a 3 day weekend and I got a little bonus in the bank (thank-you carbon tax bribe money) so the time was right!.


Remember the area we had set aside for chooks?


Well now it looks like this!



We spent only $30 on some new chicken wire and tall garden stakes. The rest is made out of recycled lattice and so many cable ties. It has been christened “the house that cable ties built”



We also bought 2 hay bales and covered the rock underneath. Using this deep litter method the chooks have plenty to scratch around in and we can empty out the entire run every few months and start again. They also get time to free range it in the garden every day.


Want to meet the girls?

Left to right-Hazel, Tickle, Mavis and Pearl

The black chook and the 3 gingery brown ones are Rhode island red cross breeds and the white one is a leghorn cross breed. I get my chickens from a local young woman named Madelaine– who is well known in my neck of the woods for her lovely eggs and chickens.



Thus far Hazel is the friendliest and very happy for a cuddle while Pearl is super fast and not into people at all. No pecking order is up and running as yet but I’m guessing Mavis will be top chook.


I love going out in the morning to let them out and hearing their delightful little clucks as they start their day. Once we get some garden beds established they will have some work ahead of them turning the soil over and eating the weeds. And in about 6-10 weeks we will get eggs!

I do love a backyard with some chooks.

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