Our new edible backyard-the plans!

by Shae on May 6, 2012

We had a tiny backyard at our last home but we managed to grow a lot of food and I surprised myself with how much I loved being in the garden. When we were looking for our new home the size and possibility of the new yard for both food and room for kids to play was very important. Our new home has a decent sized, flat yard with so much potential!



We’ve already taken up a bit of space in the middle with the kiddos gear, but that was always the plan. I’m going to give you a photo tour of what we plan to do with the rest of the space to make it as productive as possible.

The tour starts in the right hand corner of the yard and goes anti clockwise.



In front of Luke’s shed there is this rock bed. We are going to dig the plants out and put our empty wine barrels on top and plant a quick salad garden in there. Like cucumbers, greens, tomato, peas etc. We should be able to fit 3 barrels in there and some smaller pots as well.



This will be the chook pen! We plan to add another sleeper to the bottom and build up on top of the crushed rock (good drainage) with a deep litter of hay. We’ll be able to change the hay over and use it on the garden. Looking at some chicken wire and star pickets to section it off. The chooks will get some time in the garden and will also be put to work turning soil over in various places.



Along the back fence and the back corner will all be garden beds. I’m wanting to replace the existing trees with fruit/nut trees to keep the privacy factor. There is a fair bit of shade down below the fence line in this area so I’ll have to really research what to plant.



This big rock bed at the back of our house is in the best spot. Lots of sun and protected from strong winds and the frost won’t like the rocks. We plan to remove the existing plants put 8 of the 1.2m squared raised garden beds in there, leaving space in between to walk for easy access. We will be able to rotate crops easily and having the crushed rock under the soil that we add should make for good drainage and deter frost.



We have quite a large dead space at the side of the house that we plan to use as both a run for the dog when she needs to be separate from the chooks/kids and to make a high herb garden that I can see from my kitchen window instead of looking at the neighbours fence.  We have a water tank down here too-yay!


I’m so excited at the prospect of all we can do in our new garden. The biggest issue is my patience and money. I want it all done now now NOW but we have a few bills that need paying before I can start allocating big wads of cash to the new garden. And I’ll have to be patient and do it one bit at a time. It’ll be a great lesson in delayed gratification!

For now it’s great daydream and planning material. I wonder how many notebooks I will fill with ideas before it’s all complete…..

I plan to share the progress here-stay tuned!


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