Lazy Sunday afternoon

by Shae on April 15, 2012

After months of busy busy, holidays, camping trips, moving, cleaning, unpacking, birthdays and so. much. on we have had a rare even happen here in the free range homestead.

A lazy Sunday afternoon.

No plans, no big jobs that need doing, no visitors.

There are even leftovers from last night’s dinner that need only be reheated for tonight.

I can hear Luke and Willow doing a puzzle together, Harper is play doh-ing and Tannah is being a Star wars Lego man on her DSi.

It’s music to my ears after the last 2 months of go go go. Our family needs the downtime.

Luke is back to work tomorrow after a 10 day break and all of our activities start up again this week.

So I’m going to savor the lazy.

And make sure we get more of it.

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