Like a kid.

by Shae on November 18, 2014


When we were off on our camping travels the kids played with other kids who were camping with their families. As they do. I love how kids are just “Hi, I’m seven. Let’s build a castle together.”. Mostly.

For my kiddos there is often the conversation of some kid pointing out that something they are doing is “like a boy”. It is sometimes Willow’s short hair or Harper’s choice of Spiderman shirt or Tannah’s love of nerf guns. Like a boy? Really? Must we still be trotting out this bullshit?

And it’s not that my kids experience any shame at being called a boy, it’s the being singled out for doing something the other child perceives as “weird”.

The part that pisses me off the most is that nearly always it is said within earshot of the other child’s parents. Hey other parent- that’s your cue to help your child understand that lots of kids like different things and gender is a huge wide spectrum and that the archaic days of little boys being encouraged to be macho while little girls baked cakes are over. Blue and pink are just colours. Sexuality is separate from gender expression.

I’m not asking you to go home and shave your daughter’s head or put dresses on your son-though both of those things are ok if that’s what your kids are into!- but can you broaden your own child’s mind while helping out my kid who is being singled out?

I usually give it a second to give my child a chance to answer in their own way, which is sometimes awesome. But if I can see that they are struggling I jump in and help with my standard comeback.

“No she likes that like a kid. Kids like lots of different things. It has nothing to do whether she is a girl or not”




Wouldn’t it be great if the next generation of kids could just like what they liked, dress how they pleased and play in a way that felt normal to them without it having to give a single fuck about what some other kid is going to say about that.

But these kids growing up now need their parents to model that.


Surely we can?



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Time to write the christmas list.

by Shae on November 14, 2014




Every year I sit down with the kiddos and they give me a list of things they might like to see under the tree come christmas morning. I always remind them that thew won’t get all the things but a long list of ideas is helpful to everyone.

They all want Pop! Vinyl Groot. So I don’t know how I’m going to make that work.




This year’s list featured A LOT of Monster High dolls. Everyone wants at least one. I now know a lot more about their names and what “freaky fusion’ means.

Tannah’s list is a bit more grown up, asking for movie tickets, Sims4, anything Harry Potter related, books & “anything cool”.

Willow wants more Schleich fairies and Guardians Of The Galaxy Lego.

Harper wants a tray of mangoes, a tea set, Guardians of the Galaxy Lego and an Elsa dress up. Right.


We are spending this christmas with my family up on the Gold Coast and we leave christmas morning, so all presents need to be easily portable.

I already have a good idea of what I’m going to buy each of them.


How about you? Have you got a christmas list started? What are your kids getting?




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One of those days

by Shae on November 12, 2014


Today started with me having some sort of Game Of Thrones related dream. Luke and I have almost finished watching season four (NO SPOILERS PLEASE) so obviously it’s hanging around in my subconscious a bit. I have no idea what the dream was about but in real life I was woken by the sound of Daisy the dog licking her paws, which is bad because she is licking them off, and what I normally call out is “Daisy leave it!” Except today I sat up in bed and yelled “SHAGGYDOG”. I am not even emotionally invested in the owner of that particular direwolf. It was a confusing start to the day.


Before I had even put the kettle on I stepped on a platform shoe of one of the many billion Monster High dolls that live at our house.



Not ideal.

I burned toast, mediated arguments, hung washing out and settled in for the pot of tea I had made.



The kids have been tetchy since we got home from holidays and arguing levels are high. I figured I’d solve this with some time outdoors.

I was feeling pretty smug with my brilliant plan. Simple living hey? I might even take my camera and get some gorgeous pictures of the girls at our favorite local waterhole.






See! Just take them outside! I even put my smugness on Instagram. The day will surely turn around from here and I might even read my book while the kiddos get their nature on.

But not today.

Harper thought she saw a tiny spider and Tannah has decided she doesn’t like the moss on the bottom of the creek bed. Willow is bored and everyone is hungry. But not for what I have with me. There were tears, more minor disagreements and a whole lot of whiny voice. I changed tactic and put my book down. I got involved, tried to be with them rather than just supervising.

That didn’t fly either so we packed up and came home.

I have tried building a cubby, setting up paints and benign neglect to see what, if anything, might be a bit of a mood changer around here. You know what has worked?




So now they are all watching a movie and I’m looking at the takeaway menus for dinner.

I’m chalking it up to one of THOSE days. We all have them, it must have been my turn.

Bring on tomorrow.






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Post-holiday post

by Shae on November 10, 2014


So we’re back from our road trip. Three weeks, four stops, one caravan and a million games of UNO/sleeping queens.




road trip 730



We’ve been to the mountains, the ocean, a city, and a lot of space in between. We saw waterfalls, forests, salt lakes, landmarks, wind turbines, & tiny towns.


road trip 506


We dealt with a leaky caravan & a skylight that blew off while we were driving, almost ran over a koala and a heard of cattle in the same day, almost got blown away, and did a lot of hours in the car. But that was all such minor stuff.


road trip 028


We had time with our school-free community on a camp and I always come away feeling so affirmed and am so grateful for the life we’ve chosen. School (at this point) really is not for us, but the alternative is awesome. We spent time with Luke’s family in Adelaide, including a wedding! We also spent time doing a lot of nothing.


road trip 624


We discovered parts of Australia we had never been to before and marvelled at their beauty and history. We read books; I managed 5 myself and read 2 aloud to the kiddos. We played games and the kids rode bikes and ran wild. There was climbing and digging and collecting.


road trip 657


We ate a lot of ice cream, A LOT. We talked to each other and hung out with friends. I took photos. Luke tried to teach the girls how to skim rocks. We rolled home with $20 left to buy dinner with.


road trip 234



These years fly by so fast and who knows how long we all have. ¬†So if you get the chance for some time out with those you love best, do it. Make it happen. You’ll be glad you did.

For us it was an adventure, and we’re still basking in the afterglow.





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Travel art for bigger kids

October 15, 2014

Disclaimer-all the Micador art supplies in this post were gifted.     Tomorrow is the big day. We are off on a three week adventure in the caravan. We always take some kind of art with us when we go away. ¬†ALWAYS. But now the kids are bigger we can expand past simply stickers and […]

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October 14, 2014

  We leave in less than 48 hours. A 3 week road trip with the caravan that will see us in Halls Gap, Adelaide, Robe and Warrnambool. In those 3 weeks we will attend a home ed camp, go to a wedding, do some touristy stuff and I have 6 new books on my kindle. […]

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So you want to move to Melbourne

October 1, 2014

  I moved to Melbourne in 2001. I guess I’m pretty local now. The first few years were tricky and sometimes I’m still reminded that I live her but I’m not FROM here. Melbourne is one awesome place to live. The best city in the world, or so they say. I certainly love it and […]

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My favorite time of year

September 24, 2014

  It’s no secret that I miss living where I grew up, where my family is. If things were different I’d live there if I could. There are a million reasons, but a big one is the weather. I’m not good in the cold and I hate the short days of winter here in Victoria. […]

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