Travel art for bigger kids

by Shae on October 15, 2014

Disclaimer-all the Micador art supplies in this post were gifted.




Tomorrow is the big day. We are off on a three week adventure in the caravan.

We always take some kind of art with us when we go away.  ALWAYS. But now the kids are bigger we can expand past simply stickers and colouring books-we can save that easy stuff for the car! This trip I am going to encourage my kiddos to have a go at journalling as well as giving them some nicer, more grown up art supplies to take with them.


It’s simply some different materials and A4 visual art diaries. I put all the supplies into a wooden Ikea caddy that fit inside a documents box that I got from a office supplies place. The box has a lid and I’ll be able to put a big elastic band around the whole lot to keep it together.




I’m excited to see how they use the washi tape! To stick things in or as patterns or to enhance their pictures. The watercolour pencils are so great for travel as you just need one small paintbrush and a tiny bit of water-and the paint dries quickly. The rest is all pretty standard for my bigger kids. Highlighters and gel pens have been a red hot favorite here for some time and because we’re not using them in the car I don’t have to worry about lids being lost. I’m still skipping truly messy stuff like pastels and liquid paint while feeling confident that my bigger kiddos will be able to take some care with these supplies.


I can’t wait to see how this travel art experiment goes! I’ll be sure to post some pictures when we get back.



Have you checked out the Micador shop online? So much arty goodness!



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by Shae on October 14, 2014


We leave in less than 48 hours. A 3 week road trip with the caravan that will see us in Halls Gap, Adelaide, Robe and Warrnambool. In those 3 weeks we will attend a home ed camp, go to a wedding, do some touristy stuff and I have 6 new books on my kindle. I think the trip will be a perfect mix of super busy and doing pretty much nothing. My favorite kind of holiday.


But the to-do list. She is long.

photo (31)


One of the big items on our list is to finish watching season 3 of Game Of Thrones, because Luke and I are now Completely suckered in. Only 4 episodes to watch in 2 nights. It can be done.

The wedding is smack in the middle of the trip so we need to do all the haircuts and lip waxing before we leave and hope for not too much 5 o’clock shadow (mine). I have outsourced the dog and chooks. And tadpoles. I’ve spoken to the neighbors, organized mail to be collected and have about a kilo of potatoes that I’m gifting the inlaws so we don’t return to a veggie patch in the pantry.

I’m washing all the clothes. Especially things like jeans and cardies that, let’s face it, may not see the inside of a washing machine until we return. Everyone’s hair gets a shampoo the night before we leave. And maybe the night before the wedding.

I am pre cooking and baking tomorrow so we can at least eat well for the first week before I give up and we eat toasted sandwiches twice a day. I have also made sure I have beer to take to the first stop as there is no bottle shop. I have learned from last year’s mistakes.

I need to factor in an attempt at sex before we leave. The caravan is too small and the kids are too old to be traumatized with such shenanigans while we’re camping. I should add that one to the list.

-have sex

We have new music, apps, movies and such on the devices. I also have packed a travel kit of art supplies so the kiddos can keep a journal while we’re away. For the first time I’m taking something that resembles school work. Just writing paper and books, but we’re all keen to keep on with what’s working right now. I predict they stay packed in a bag, but we’ll see.


So for now it’s time to wear the (ugly) clothes we aren’t taking and play the “what needs to get eaten out of the fridge” game.

But we’re almost about to take off for a 3 week holiday. It’ll all be so worth it.



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So you want to move to Melbourne

by Shae on October 1, 2014


I moved to Melbourne in 2001. I guess I’m pretty local now. The first few years were tricky and sometimes I’m still reminded that I live her but I’m not FROM here.

Melbourne is one awesome place to live. The best city in the world, or so they say. I certainly love it and maybe you’re thinking about loving it too. I’ve got some things you’ll need to understand if you want to try and assimilate.


Things you need to know about living in Melbourne-


The weather- I know you’ve heard about the whole “4 seasons in one day” thing, BUT IT’S TRUE. And that’s not the only way weather will be a massive part of your life. You will learn to always always ALWAYS assume it might drop to jumper weather, even in full summer, and pack accordingly. You will need to be ale to talk about the weather at all times. Complaining is highly valued, as is discussing the random, intense weather event that occurred without notice the day before. You need to be all over taking an instagram pic of sunshine when it occurs. You need to learn the washing line game and peg out and bring in your clothes several times to get them remotely dry in winter and then hang them out while getting your skin flayed off your body by the sun in summer. You will need a hot weather plan for the week it is above 40 deg in summer. You will need to watch for snow if you live in the outer suburbs in winter. Know the water is almost always too cold for swimming. Get a weather app, a coat, a beanie, a hat, some sunscreen, some gumboots and practice saying “how about that weather!” and you’ll be fine.




This is at Mt Macedon, about an hour from the city.


The AFL- You don’t have to like AFL, but it helps. Although the locals treat the sport as something that will always be way too clever for people not raised with it to understand. Seriously, like rocket science. If you like sport, it’s a great one and I am totally converted. If you don’t, at least know that you are supposed to either love Collingwood or hate them-NO OTHER OPTION. And if it’s not your thing at least know when to avoid driving anywhere near the MCG.


Diversity- If you come from a conservative, mostly anglo area you need to get your head around the crowd that lives here in Melbs. It’s everyone. You will see tattoos, burqas, turbans, yarmulkes,  homeless people, gentrifiers, openly LGBQTI peeps, bogans, hipsters and so much more. It’s a pretty rich, diverse, accepting, culture down here (for the most part). I recommend getting over yourself if these, or any other form of “not you” is problematic.


Trams- If I can offer one piece of advice it would be to revise the road rules when sharing the road with trams. Ask the person who nearly plowed into a bunch of people getting off one-ME. They had right of way, I had no idea. And hook turns, do that shit with a local first.


Sydney- Melbourne is better or GTFO


534 (2)

Footy Kids!

Keep a list of places you want to go- There is so much to do within a 3 hour drive of Melbourne. SO MUCH. Places to eat, drives to take, landmarks, things to see and do. People who are local will have had their whole lives to go to Phillip Island or Puffing Billy or Flower Drum and so on and on. You’ll be all “yeah, I’m going to do that!” and promptly forget about it until years later when there will be 40 more things you want to do. Make a list and work through it. Melbourne really has some gems.


Enjoy it! I love our awesome city, maybe you might too.


So, locals, you have anything you’d like to add?



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My favorite time of year

by Shae on September 24, 2014


It’s no secret that I miss living where I grew up, where my family is. If things were different I’d live there if I could.

There are a million reasons, but a big one is the weather. I’m not good in the cold and I hate the short days of winter here in Victoria. I could happily live my life back on the Gold Coast with the predictable, mostly warm seasons that they enjoy.

Except that I would miss out on this time of year.



There is something extra special about the first few says of sunshiney warmth after a cold, dark winter.

Kids playing outside in tee shirts, clean sheets drying on the line, lawns being mowed, windows being opened to let some fresh air in.

All the things you can take for granted when it’s pretty much warm enough to do that year round.



There really is something awesome about feeling the change of the seasons on a grand scale.

Happy spring everyone.






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